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Child development that occurs from birth to adulthood was largely ignored throughout much of history. Still I would say parents 100 or even 50 years ago was much better in terms of Child Developement, Thanks to the less Demands of the Schools , Societies and so on. As per our law there is a specific term called Child Abuse, however I personally feel then the law need to point at todays Schools, Syllabus, Demanding Parents. Child abuse is the physical or psychological maltreatment of a child by an adult, often synonymous with the term child maltreatment or the term child abuse and neglect, however in todays World it is the parent’s frustration or unfulfilled dream that one wants to eject out of the Child – which is a larger and more vicious form of “Child Abuse” in real term. Let us enjoy their Childhood, let us allow them to enjoy their Childhood, let us build Better Children ahead and not programmed Creatures for tomorrow.

Relationship Ahead

Even Lord Krishna and Radha lived together according to mythology. “It’s better to have a live-in relationship rather then having a divorced life!” There are some couples (excluding gay and lesbian) who are living together from years but they still don’t want to get married. For avoiding unsuccessful live-in relationships and for all couples who are confused about getting married before and during live-in relations, here are some recommended steps which will help them to take some healthier decision - • Take decision to live with each other seriously and with great care. • Couples should be very clear about their expectations from each other before they go for living with each other. • Remember living with each other doesn’t make a guarantee that after this a man will turn from somebody who says “I will never get married” to somebody who make purpose on his knees. Expectations should be limited and never try to improve your relation, just live-in because you have a smooth going rel

Break The Glass

Try to Understand that you have broken lots and lots of things within yourself that were much more important than a ” Glass”. Resolve your own Internal Battle to stay in Peace and Harmony with your own self and get in the Calmness of life!!

You Need To Own Your Success

You need to own your successes as well as our failures. To be happy, you need to own your successes. A positive self image will give you the confidence and faith to live life to the fullest. Your personal life, your career, and your finances will all flourish. Do the following below 3 things too for more constructive actions: a) List all the things and activities that make you happy. b) Once you find yourself struggling to add on in the basket, close it, take a deep breath, walk around, take a sip of tea/ coffee/ wine and start back. c) Go through and imbibe Happiness….. Hapiness is the journey for you….

Do You Over Think?

I believe that as Human beings we should think, as we are the only creatures who have the opportunity of Choice , rest all have the situation of Chance. However when I take Personal sessions or Group sessions one common observation that I am getting these day’s are that most people Over think a lot. They overthink every little problem until it becomes bigger and scarier and it actually is. Even I used to over think a lot at time, however it have not yielded any result except doing bad to me, however have practiced the below which yielded result for me and many others: a) Do not get lost in unnecessary fears b) Spend more time with people who think less and are way more happier, or visualize them c) Realise you cannot control every thing d) Surrender yourself to God, or Nature, or whom ever you believe. I have learned how to make this issue small that it very occassionally pops up now, much lesser in frequency as to what it was. And if it does then I know what to do then to overcome it

Fight Your Age At 40+

Often People ask me to suggest them measures and simple tips as to how they can erase Age. My simple Pointers to all who have crossed the age of 40 would be 1. Sit and Walk Straight – Proper Posture not only prevents muscle and joint pain, however it would also conceal age. 2. Brighten Your Smile – It gives an impression of Good Health and Youth. 3. Stop Smoking – It’s never too late to quit, you may get back the tone and glow of your skin. It would be Great if the outside World perceives your youthfulness ad vibrancy, as usually I have seen that with age People tend to under glow.Thereby along with the basics like avoiding Stress and similar I usually suggest the above 3 to my friends and believe in me, do it regularly for 21 Days and write me back, how you feel. Enjoy Living!!

Prime 3 Pointers For Your Child

Get back to the basics, the three things you need to keep in mind are  Ensure to have a Positive Upbringing  Ensure that you have a Positive Lifestyle and pass on the same to them  Reduce Your Stress, it would get a cascading positiveness in your child Also do ensure to spend both Quality and Quantity time with them, to reap the future ahead. Happy Reading!!

New Year Health Tip

Yesterday I received a call from one of my friend in Brussels, where in she wanted me to write couple of basic pointers on the Health Tip perspective , which would be easy to follow. I promised her that I would pen down couple of simple thoughts which I believe, which are as below: a) Sleep Well: If a night’s sleep doesn’t seem to give you a day’s energy, investigate your sleep quality. Never never keep your mobile with you whilst you are in Bed, with today’s gadgets unknowingly your fingers would reach your mobile, which would be a distraction for your sleep, do not use it as an alarm too, use a small alarm clock for the purpose. b) Be Vitamin D aware: I have seen that as people age they develop symptoms of Osteoporosis or similar, thereby ensure to have intake of Vitamin D. Vitamin D boosts calcium absorption and is needed for bone formation. Vitamin D is found in fish liver oil, eggs, fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel, and fortified foods such as some breakfast cereals. c) Hav

My Life – Phone And Social Networking

I was been told by many to comment on the recent fever of Social Networking and excessive usage of Mobile Phones, where in one would see that the person in front is always fidgeting with the gadget in hand, Irritating right?? Probably Yes, or Probably much more than that!! I delayed on this writing as wanted to observe more on the Phenomenon today, since 3rd February is the day when I stepped in the World, friends and families started posting me a Happy Birthday message through Facebook or twitter or through latest Phone apps, it started off from yesterday midnight and is still on, but in reality do I really care for those Posts and messages? Cant they at least give a call and spend 30 seconds, Probably No, as all are getting too mechanical, the Wish is no more from Heart but the formality. Why do People lay bare their emotions in Social Networking sites? Social online platforms encourage self-obsession and allow you to withdraw from an interaction whenever you wish to, at the click

I Am Not Single

Some of my friends who are single and intend to continue being single, share with me their various thoughts, moods and feelings wherein I find that weather we are single or committed, the bottom lines are none are Happy. In todays blog I would share some common trends of both and the way ahead. Sometimes, you can be surrounded with people and yet feel lonely and companionless. You need the one person to be long to, the one who belongs to you, which off course varies with time, as nothing in this World is constant. Companionship is the kind of solution ( off course not absolute) – an ongoing togetherness that is based on Common interests. As life moves on and we mature, we realise that losing the only thing that endures – true companionship – is too high a price to pay for the need for space or independence. You can have companionship with many, where each individual may fulfill different needs and aspects of your personality, but then there is the one – the one you may choose to live

Resolve In Relationship

I have been asked by many as to how to resolve Fights between each other, in the relationship, be it parents and their wards, husband and wife, or friends, wherein I suggest the Basics: 1. Do ensure that you are attacking the issue and not each other, that too attacking issue with a open mind and logical version resolves in a healthier manner. 2. Take responsibility, what you feel right may not be true for your partner, however that does not disqualifies you from thinking and enacting what you have been thinking right. 3. Deal with one issue at a time, do not mix and entangle situation complaining and heating up the environment further. Most important part is both of you should initiate with a Thought that it need to be resolved, even in cases I have seen that one of the partner is more keen to blow up the issue and handling immaturely, in such situation stay calm, give a hearing as that would soothe your partner and then put your point, during such time don’t interrupt or pass com

Deadlock In Relationship?

Do you have a feeling that you give and give and give??? and don’t actually get anything in return? This is a common phenomenon in todays world that I have observed in multiple relationship. In a relationship you can keep giving and getting nothing in return – and finally you have given so much that you start thinking where am I , at the end you too may have some expectations and there is nothing wrong in it. And that is when you figure out it was all along a ” One Sided Relationship” And that last bit you had best save for yourself, be it your dignity, your self respect, self esteem and also the independence, there is when you feel that enough!! you do not want to be taken for granted any more. I have had people coming to me for my opinion who have more than 5 relationships continuing simultaneously, and they are successful in handling the same, I do not discourage them too as I have felt that the asking need is fragmented and they are Happy and well managing all. You have a respons

Instant Love

I have been asked by many to comment on ” Instant Love” , Why, How, and then why suddenly there is nothing? We all seem to be looking for lost pieces of ourselves. A Deep connect with some one can help you understand your own self better. Sometimes understanding and analyzing another person too helps us understand ourselves and our close ones better, its only then we understand that weather we or our near ones are really good or bad, and and the importance or ourselves and our near ones. However some times with the right person ( or may not be right too, I have seen quite a many examples of Non right person too) it’s just enough to connect. The meaning is in the connection. The connect is all about the flow of energies to and fro, messages that we may not be able to decipher in the here and now. Brief therapeutic connects that reveal soulful experiences for the time they last – leaving us aware of our own selves – our strengths and weaknesses, our emotional touch points at a deeper

They Kick Her, They Spray Cold Water On Her, They Take Her Bed Off – They Are……

Though this is not the regular monthly articles that I write but still thought of sharing an incidence of ” Disgrace of Human civilization “. Keeping it short as in next 5 minutes would board a flight. An old dog with less vision sits near my door and my wife occasionally gives her biscuits,takes care of her and does all that she feels to be done to take care including giving medication and so on which we do regularly for multiple people around the city too. Interesting part of the story is that I recently got a neighbor who takes pride in spraying cold water in this cold weather, and not only that, they also ensuring to remove the mat or newspaper so that she can’t sleep or lie down there. As they say ” act of cowardness is hidden” so do they, but what lessons are todays humanity passing to the next generation? Shamefull and Disgraceful thee who does this horrendous act of Disgrace and its only matter of time I believe that they would be treated in similar nature by the almity. I urg

Accept What Comes On Your Way – And Be Happy

Most of the time I am asked by all, to share multiple secrets of True Happiness and when I say them that ” Happiness would come once you accept everyday situation unconditionally”. When suddenly your house maid does not come, or your driver don’t turn in, there is a tendency to get jerked in the situation and when we oppose, we resist reality and life becomes disappointing, followed by frustrations and melancholiness. In every day life, we come across things that disturbs us, we cannot change many of them, there is wherein Acceptance gives you proper perspective of things and situations around you. When I hear from my followers that their friends are better off and how miserable they are ( in spite of probably been better of than many of their friends), I keep on saying them that “  If you don’t learn to accept, you will go on chasing shadows and far away mirages forever, never realising that they look beautiful when you are far from them.

Humour Masks Pain

As we all have heard that ” The funniest people are the saddest one”, in my last fortnight visit to one of the cities in India for Public Speaking, I have addressed the above, just to refurbish mentioning the key pointers for all to take a note of what I mentioned 1) Do as much Good possible to others 2) Work towards operating in “0″ anger and same for others 3) Believe in Positivity and spread the same for other to be Happy, the key observation in family and friends what you need to do as a note of alert when cheerful people aren’t the same as to what you know them are a) If you see that they are retrenching in a shell. b) If he/ she have reduced social interaction with friends, family and colluges. c) Changes in weigh, appetite, sleep patterns. If the above 3 are visible to you and you find that no more he/ she is the same ” Humorous or Fun loving” person what you knew, just jump in to his / her help without letting the person know that you have realised that he/she is getting in de

Discipline Is Not Mandatory Always

Dreams and aspirations to me are greater motivator and means of achieving Goals rather than been in the circle of Discipline. I always suggest to people that when motivation is strong we create our own sets of rules and routes towards it. This is a form of discipline, weather the outside world perceives it to be or not, that’s not important. This also gives Power in our hands and the discretion to be undisciplined when ever it is needed. Discipline is too vague a term or pre-set norms which differs from each person to person. Though I understand that external discipline is important however one need to know the balance for the same and Happiness to stay Undisciplined as long as it does not harm others.Indeed one has to learn and earn the right to be undisciplined as it carries a great responsibility. When you give up a beaten track and choose your own journey, you have a greater responsibility towards yourself – a be more Happy!! Keep reading Sujit Paul

The Originality Of Kirtan

Being in Bengal born and brought up, this word ” Kirtan” – chant of God ( specially in the name of Krishna) have been so frequently heard by me. I have heard this in temples and mutts all over, been chanted specially by aged women or widows wearing white sarees. However today I see an adulteration of the ” True form” into a newly evolved modified version. There’s Kirtan revolution taking place all over, right from Newyork to Tokyo. In fact when I used to stay in London, I have seen an adulterated form of Kirtan being sang there. What was once confined to temples and pujas at home, has taken the world stages by storm. New age Kirtans are performed all over the world, like rock and pop shows and the ” Original” Bhakti is missing in the flavour, thereby I would not be surprised if after Ten years the generation does not even know what is the ” Original” version of this Pure Mystical Call to God. Power of Kirtan is always in community singing and sang aloud, but not towards Commercialised

Don’t Believe On Forecast – Stay Positive

Firstly my apologies for not posting a blog last month, as I usually do every month. I appreciate most of the letters that I received from my readers over the year end. The topic that most of you have asked me to write was on ” Resolutions” and ” Forecasts”. I planned to chose the 2nd one, as from my childhood I have been victim to multiple forecasts of varied nature from innumerable People in the society. I believe all Forecasts can be altered ( if not reversed) by doing ” Good Karma”. Scientists at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland found that 37% of people read their Horoscopes before making big decisions. In India I find quite a many people believe in ” Rahu kal” ” Colour” etc etc, however when Karma comes in they stoop down to the action of a Beast. A recent study suggest that negative readings in the Predictions increases self indulgent behaviour. I have seen that some astrologers have a tendency to make you scared and nervous, others can be Positive and encouraging

Meditate To Regain Your Power

Most of the times my readers post me multiple questions in my personal mail id, which I usually tend to answer one to one, however over the last month I am flooded with certain questions of Inner Power Source, which I would try to answer for the benefit of all. For those of us connected to a spiritual path, the source can be different things for different of us and in any form. To open ourselves to that source, we need to realise first that we have much more inner strength when we realise that the energy, intelligence and will we are using come from the infinite ocean, and as we open up the valve, more and more fresh water gushes in. The next part that need to be kept in mind is that we have to connect to the deeper, more expansive part of ourselves and a important part would be to attune our consciousness to the Guru who could help us realise our divinity. The final outcome for all can be reached through ” Meditation” . In Meditation we can experience God’s energy or Nature’s energy

My Apologies

Firstly my apologies to many of you for not posting my last month article. I have received numerous mails in, as well as in the However I have had taken the calls of most of you who wanted to have a one to one discussion though. Today’s topic have more to do on what we encounter often. The story goes like this….. Last couple of days I have been travelling and incidentally I was in one of the leading Hotels wherein I have not found their service to the standard what they should have, been a Global Brand name. Whilst checking out when I was clearing my bill today morning, the receptionist asked me if my stay was comfortable. I gently said that there were couple of minor issue that needs improvement and left it at that. Though she asked me to narrate, I kind of refrained and from there in moved to have breakfast, as the car was already waiting for me to move to work. I started with the Breakfast and whilst having the same a gentleman


Last fortnight I got too many calls and notes on the common query of ” How to handle Stress”, each case was different and as I understood that there were various different and unique reasons for each one and I suggested each one a different remedy to proceed ahead. I have penned down some basic thoughts on the subject and it’s prime nature for the benefit of all. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. Stress isn’t always bad. In small doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best. But when you’re constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the price. You can protect yourself by recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress and taking steps to reduce its harmful effects. I have penned down the common symptoms as to how you could detect that you are in stress in the early days, though there may be other reasons / outcomes of the symptoms mentioned below, however “st


I have received quite a many questions on Parenting, specially after couple of recent news in India. I kept explaining every one on the the basics that they should follow on Parenting, which I am summarizing below for the benefit of others Please ensure that you work on communicating with your child much much more, staying disconnected from electronic gadgets, as they do more harm to you and any of your relationships. I am not just speaking about when you must call him in with a problem like reduced marks or after you received a call from his teacher. I am talking about daily interactions where you share a smile, a good word, a laugh, a story, or a meal together. The main thing is that you put the time and energy in so that he knows that he matters in your life. Talk to your child every day as much as possible. Put down your Phones , turn off your laptop or TV when your child/ spouse (or you) return home, at mealtimes and story times, and when you pick your child up from school. Lo

Free Your Self

This have been the theme of my 2 day Counselling session from 2/12/2015 to 3/12/2015. I have met immense people and sincerely Thank all of you for your gestures and good wishes. I only reiterate what I have had said, that I am one among-st all of you and no one special. Thank you all, and hope it was a joyful learning session for all of you and keep in mind that you need to “Free your self”. For the benefits of others who could not be part of this, please do refer my new book that should be out in the market by this month itself titled ” FREE-ing Your Inner Self-awareness” and then do write or speak to me on your thoughts. One last thing, many had suggested me that when they get such books, it need to be kept in simple languages, which should be easy to read and understandable for all, and above all not a bulky one, which I have kept in mind at all times when I was researching and have penned down the book. Hope you like it and follow the guidelines of life!! Happy Reading Dr Sujit

Serve Your Parents

This was the most pertinent topic, on which I have received multiple questions over the last two months, though I replied independently, I could not write back in this forum, as I was too occupied for the release of my recent book – Freeing Your Inner Self-Awareness; and replying to multiple mails receiving by the readers. It was again yesterday and today that I met a Chef in one of the Hotels I have been staying in Gurgaon, that I realize that how important it is to take care of our Parents who have brought us up. Gaurav – the Chef who greeted me morning, moment I come down for breakfast, being a Bengali, started speaking to me in my mother language – as I too always take pride in speaking in Bengali, if I find some one, hence I too got in an intense conversation. As our conversation proceeded, he tells me that his mother stays in Nagerbazar, a place in Northern part of Kolkata, that she stays alone, whereas he is in Gurgaon and his elder brother in a leading Consulting firm in Hyde

The Un-Social Child

Greetings to everyone!! Many of you are aware that over the last 90 days I have been working on the subject of ” Children who are not to open to outsiders”. The prime intent was again that I understand that many of you wanted to know what could be the possible remedy for the same, and I replied to you that I ll come back with with Crisp Pointers of my understanding with possible measures for the same, and here we go: These patterns can be caused by, and complicated by a wide range of factors which can include: lack of communication and challenge-solving skills, family patterns, perceptual challenges, genetics; anxiety, low self-esteem, physical and emotional discomfort caused by unhealed accidents, traumas and abuses of all kinds; and many more similar reasons. I have specially observed the same in my son, that he kind of stays in a shell when he is uncomfortable and in spite of pushing him hard to go out and mingle ( weather he likes or not, I have seen his sense of uncomfortableness


Over the last six months or more this have been the question sent to me by my readers and I promised each one that I would do more fact finding before I revert. The prime question been posed to me was ” How to get Peace? Well over the last six to seven months that been the prime reason I wrote nothing at but worked on this specific subject and have I myself have learnt a lot as well whilst speaking to innumerable people and gathering information. I have spoken to many who tend to be in Peace and Happiness in spite of their innumerable Personal trauma, some of them are quite shivering to even listen too, thereby you can imagine how impactful it could be for the person undergoing the same. Though they are at Peace and Happiness, however when I got in deep dive I also discovered that a portion of such people are in ” Pseudo Happiness and Peace” and the ones who are in higher level of them are in real Peace and Happiness. To reach in either of the position is a task