Fight Your Age At 40+

Often People ask me to suggest them measures and simple tips as to how they can erase Age. My simple Pointers to all who have crossed the age of 40 would be
1. Sit and Walk Straight – Proper Posture not only prevents muscle and joint pain, however it would also conceal age.
2. Brighten Your Smile – It gives an impression of Good Health and Youth.
3. Stop Smoking – It’s never too late to quit, you may get back the tone and glow of your skin.
It would be Great if the outside World perceives your youthfulness ad vibrancy, as usually I have seen that with age People tend to under glow.Thereby along with the basics like avoiding Stress and similar I usually suggest the above 3 to my friends and believe in me, do it regularly for 21 Days and write me back, how you feel.
Enjoy Living!!


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