Relationship Ahead

Even Lord Krishna and Radha lived together according to mythology.
“It’s better to have a live-in relationship rather then having a divorced life!”
There are some couples (excluding gay and lesbian) who are living together from years but they still don’t want to get married. For avoiding unsuccessful live-in relationships and for all couples who are confused about getting married before and during live-in relations, here are some recommended steps which will help them to take some healthier decision -
• Take decision to live with each other seriously and with great care.
• Couples should be very clear about their expectations from each other before they go for living with each other.
• Remember living with each other doesn’t make a guarantee that after this a man will turn from somebody who says “I will never get married” to somebody who make purpose on his knees. Expectations should be limited and never try to improve your relation, just live-in because you have a smooth going relation.
• Don’t think that after living-in or after marriage your partner will change.
However the other point of thought is that, If it’s easy to change one partner for another, where’s the incentive to develop staying power in a relationship? Instead people will think “I’m upset at my partner which means I’m with the wrong person. I’m going to get out so I can hook up with the right person.” It’s human nature, and and i think that this approach is creating increased numbers of people without the ability to sustain a long-term relationship.
Opinions varry off course from one individual to the other, however, which depends a lot on the outlook of the person, his upbringing, the thought process, and the over all perseption of the person. However one have to be very clear as to if he/ she is truely prepared to take up the so called Life Long commitment ahead, without any sence of regret or feeling heavy on the whole situation.


  1. Very True I agree to the thought process you have expressed Sujit .
    We need to accept and embrace with grace instead of expecting change


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