Do You Over Think?

I believe that as Human beings we should think, as we are the only creatures who have the opportunity of Choice , rest all have the situation of Chance.
However when I take Personal sessions or Group sessions one common observation that I am getting these day’s are that most people Over think a lot.
They overthink every little problem until it becomes bigger and scarier and it actually is.
Even I used to over think a lot at time, however it have not yielded any result except doing bad to me, however have practiced the below which yielded result for me and many others:
a) Do not get lost in unnecessary fears
b) Spend more time with people who think less and are way more happier, or visualize them
c) Realise you cannot control every thing
d) Surrender yourself to God, or Nature, or whom ever you believe.
I have learned how to make this issue small that it very occassionally pops up now, much lesser in frequency as to what it was. And if it does then I know what to do then to overcome it. It’s your turn now!!


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